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1- What do the customers get with a Pro Account?

- FREE Technical Support for all TV brands.

Free repair tips for LCD-PLASMA-LED TV.

Allow downloading diagrams and service manuals.

Consult with certified and experienced technicians.

We share many tricks to fix TVs and boards.

- 90 Days Warranty & NO Restocking Fee.

Customers now have 90 days to return defective or unused parts without penalties or restocking FEE.

- FREE Expedited shipping from 1 to 3 days.

Parts are shipped by USPS or UPS the same day of order by Expedited services.

- Huge discount, up to 40%.

Customers receive up to 40% discount in all purchases.

- Tax Exempt.

Customers can use resale tax exempt for state taxes.

- Customers can buy any product and quantities.

Allow customers to buy restricted products and any quantity.

- Customers receive the new products alert.

Customers receive alerts about new arriving products and backordered products.

- Make orders by phone and more.

Customers can make orders by phone or email and pay using PayPal or Store Payment Processor. Also receive confirmation, tracking shipment number and invoices by email.


2- Requirements to open a Pro-Account in MY SHOP TV.

-       Customers must have a Business with Tax ID

-       Business has to be located in U.S territory.

-       A Monthly Sale Average more than $250.

-       A Monthly Return Rate Less than 10%.

-       Orders must be shipped to a commercial address in U.S territory.

-       Have a customer account in MYSHOPTVS.COM


3- How open a Pro-Account.

To open a Pro-Account just contact us by email or by phone (786) 282-2026 during our business hours with the follow information.

Business name.

Contact name.

Business Billing Address.

Business Shipping Address.

Business Phone.

Contact phone.

Account Number (For registered customers)


Web URL (optional)

Tax ID

Preferred contact via (email/phone)

Preferred contact language (English/Español)

A brief description of the business.


Terms and Policies.


Customers can contact us by email at any time or by phone during our business hours. All emails are responsed within 48 hours.

Orders can be paid by PayPal, Credit  Cards, Store Processor, or by Phone. Orders by phone must be paid with the same credit card or payment source saved on the customer’s account.

All support, data and technical information are sent by email.

Parts returned within the first 30 days: customers receive full refund (shipping cost is not refundable) and NO RESTOCKING FEE. Parts returned between 30 to 90 days: customers receive full store credit for products cost plus tax (shipping cost is not refundable) and NO RESTOCKING FEE. Store credit must be used within a period of a year. Customers are responsible for the return cost.

Products are shipped the same day if order is made before 3:00 pm EST. Orders after 3:00 pm EST will be shipped the next business day.

Free shipping is available in orders over $90.

Discount is based on the Monthly Sale Average in a calendar month from first to last day of month. Customers that do not meet this requirement can still use the benefits of Pro-Account the next month but will not receive a Pro Discount.

Every end of the month, we run an evaluation that looks at the past months of sales and returns. We then average the sales and calculate return rates, accounting for defective returns and wrong part sent orders. We also add a little more padding to the return rate to make sure we didn't miss anything.

With these two data points average sales and return rate over the past month we evaluate our customers’ accounts. We upgrade accounts and downgrade accounts monthly. Customers that not meet one of these requirements for more than two months will be automatically downgraded to a regular account until next evaluation.

For the uses of tax exempt customers have to send us a copy of the resale tax certificate of the current year.

All accounts are subject to revision, we will check and confirm all information provided by customer and then we will contact you back within 2 days with details about your account and how to set it up.

Account that not met the requirements can be closed at any time.

MYSHOPTVS.COM & MBS Electronic, Inc. reserves the right of admission.

free tv part tech support

Free Technical Support.

We provide help, information and technical support for all our customers to help them fix any TV. It doesn’t matter if you are technician or not if you have a question just let us know. “If we can help you, we will do”

huge collection of tv parts

TV parts at the best online price.

We offer the best price for TV parts and components. If you see a TV part with a better price online, we will match it and discount the item price up to 50%.

tv parts

Buy the TV part you need with confidence

We offer 30 days warranty with no restocking fee. If for any reason the TV part or board does not work we have an easy return/refund policy "The item works or your money back".

How to Choose the right TV parts and components for a TV


A TV part is a module that contain many electronics components interconnected to permit that a TV works correctly.

To determine which TV parts need replacing, you first need to know what type of television you own, and then you need to diagnose the problem. Knowing the type of television and having an idea of how it functions gives you some insight into what the problem is likely to be, which part is probably affected, and where that part is located inside of the TV. If you are not an experienced electronic technician, you may wish to seek the services of a professional or contact us directly. Getting the wrong TV part may make the TV set’s technical problem considerably worse, or you can waste money purchasing TV parts and components that do not actually need replacing. An electronic technician should be able to quickly identify the problem and advise you about which replacement parts you need to purchase to bring the set back into good working order.

After the problem has been identified and the parts that need to be replaced have been located, you must find the part number on this part set. It is important that you purchase the correct TV part for your TV, as purchasing incompatible TV parts is a waste of time and money and can potentially ruin the whole television set. So it is critical that you have the correct part number of the defective part that you want to replace.

Then you have to look for the correct replacement part for the TV using only the part number of your defective board as key. Important never use the TV model number to find a replacement part because TV sets with same model number can use different part set inside. 

TV parts may have many numbers on it like serial, board, chassis, PCB and part number. You only have to focus to identify the part number because each TV part has a unique part number. If you do not know or can’t find the part number, you have to contact the supply or certify technician for help. Most of the time the part number is in a white label sticker in the part.

When purchasing replacement TV parts, the part number should be identical to the original. This almost always holds true when buying branded parts. However, when buying generic components, this may not always be the case. With third-party suppliers, many components are used in multiple television models but still only have a single part number. In this case, you should check with the supplier, the manufacturer, or a qualified electronic technician to ensure that you select the right part.

Even when part numbers match, you should double-check by comparing the defective part on your TV against the new one that you want to buy, making sure their size, shape, and connection points are all identical just in case the part has been stamped incorrectly or in case the model numbers have changed or revised since your television was produced. For secondhand parts, you should make sure that all parts look identical to the original and are in good condition, with no bent, damaged or missing connections.

It is possible to buy TV parts that are the same brand as your television set, or the same brand as the original part. Because they are branded, each part only works with a select number of television models. As such, they should be comparatively easy to find based on their part numbers. For older TV models, it may not be possible to find brand-new replacement parts, and if a branded part is required, it is often obtained secondhand from a discarded television set that has been stripped.

Branded TV parts are generally more expensive than third-party TV parts, although many high-end third-party TV parts are just as reliable as branded ones. When sourcing a branded or generic TV part, you can obtain advice from the manufacturer to make sure you select the right TV part.

Selecting the right television parts or components to repair your TV set can be challenging; but the most important things to know are which type of television you own, identify the defective part and locate the part number of it.